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About sproget.dk

Engelsk tekst om sproget.dk. English text about sproget.dk.


Sproget.dk is the result of collaborative work with the Ministry of Culture’s two institutions for language and literature: the Danish Language Council and Society for Danish Language and Literature.

Sproget.dk came about as a result of a language educational programme with a focus on the citizens and the general public.


Sproget.dk is the place on the internet where you can find guidance, information and answers to questions about the Danish language and language matters in Denmark.

The purpose of the website is to:

  • provide a single point of access to official and authoritative references
  • provide professional language help in the form of advice and guidance about language problems, and to explain topics in an understandable manner
  • create increased language awareness with regard to nuances, accuracy and the language’s impact through, among other things, using the internet
  • draw attention to and spread knowledge about the Danish language.

Target group

The principle behind sproget.dk is that it should be of benefit to all citizens in Denmark; however, in practice it is difficult to structure a website which is aimed at the Danish population as a whole. Therefore, it was decided that two sub-groups should be created:

  • professional language users, which includes all language users who work professionally with language, for example, proof readers, communications officers, journalists, secretaries and the like
  • users who are interested in language, namely users who have an interest in language generally, or who are just curious about language, and who would not search for information to solve a work-related problem

Content and Structure

Advice and rules – solving language problems

When you have a language issue which needs solving, go to the main menu option called Advice and rules [Råd og regler].

Sproget.dk has collected a number of the most typical language problems under the heading Typical problems [Typiske problemer].

Themes – language topics in depth

Under the menu point Themes [Temaer], Sproget.dk discusses different language topics in depth. Each theme consists partly of texts, illustrations and/or video clips.

Edutainment - gaining knowledge in an entertaining way

The third main menu option is Fun while you learn [Leg og lær], which consists of the subsections Test your knowledge …, Wordmuseum and exercises.

Searching – find what you are looking for

In addition to the three main menu options there is the search window from where you can search sproget.dk’s various pages.

News – current language issue and debates

Under the option News [Nyheder] you can get an insight into current issues and news regarding Danish language.

Send a word [Send et ord] – contribute to the work with language

If you have seen a new word in a newspaper or a new meaning to a word, or you have overheard a new expression on the bus, then you can send your observations to sproget.dk.


Sproget.dk also contains a collection of links to language websites.